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Searchin or sellin?

For me, a comment against one of my photos in Flickr is like an applause from the biggest audience. I regard myself as the most amateur of photographers but I’ll persevere. For others, some whom I know, the quality of their work is set for a bigger stage. Until now a comment or a request to add to a group was the most you could get from Flickr. Enter Flickr Cash with the ability to offer up a great thumbnail search facility and also allow others to purchase your work through the service. I only tried it out briefly and while I found the search facility a much better service than Flickr’s own search I could not see how to sell my photos. Not that anyone would want to buy them anyhow. The better news is that Flickr Cash will soon be out of Beta and since I registered as a Beta user I will enjoy free access for life. After Beta there will be a monthly charge! There’s still time for those who would like a free account though, so hurry on in…

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