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He didn’t say anything. He just started shooting.

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The subject line: a quote from Trey Perkins, student at Virginia Tech. Another dark day for the United States of America and their ever-present gun problem: Another student shooting on campus, 33 shot dead at Virginia Tech – the worst atrocity that America has yet seen. The science of killers’ psychology is long established and highly complex but ultimately what makes somebody enter a school and shoot randomly is the availability of a gun. Take away the fire arm and you take away the harm. George W said that he was “shocked and saddened”. Well George that doesn’t set you apart from anyone else on the planet. You should be angry and screaming for gun reform, even if it does upset the majority of your supporters. Let’s face it though, if you want to leave office with one good thing behind you then let it be a reform of the biggest contributory factor in American crime – reform your country’s gun system! There’s no point in standing behind the historical romanticism of the second amendment. There’s no reason why there can’t be another amendment. source: Irish Times

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