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Leopard Changes Spots

Apple’s next version of OSX, codenamed Leopard, was originally scheduled for release in mid-June. Now it is incurring a four month delay with the blame landing on the doorstep of the iPhone development. Personally I am very upset by this. I am on the verge of buying a new Mac might have waited until June to get Leopard, really hate the iPhone and would never want one and will now have to wait until October if I want Leopard on my Mac. Not a happy camper but the real question is will this really dissuade my new Mac purchase when Tiger already does everything I want? source: BBC NEWS | Technology

2 thoughts on “Leopard Changes Spots”

  1. So far the only thing in Leopard that really interests me is the ZFS rumour. And that might not happen, being a rumour and all.

    Tiger is a good OS.

    As for the iPhone I think it is interesting and I’d like to give it a go before judging it 🙂

  2. “Tiger is a good OS” – that’s the problem Paul, I feel as though I should be let down by the Leopard delay but I know that I have no real right to, when Tiger does everything I want. 🙂 I do like the “spaces” feature that was proposed. I know it’s just virtual desktops but it looks so much cooler in OSX. I still remain unconvinced about the iPhone though, not for me.

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