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Steorn Update Tomorrow

Thanks to Brian W for the link. Steorn, that mystical Irish company with the free energy from magnets technology are set to make an announcement tomorrow, Friday 13th. This update is with respect to the independent review process of their technology. What will come from this announcement, I can only sit and wonder. The marketing up until now of fancy art sketches incorporated into video for press releases, the big initial buzz and now updates for Q1 stalled until a Friday the 13th in Q2 are making me just a little sceptical about this whole thing. Needless to say, just like so many useless episodes of Lost, I’ll still tune in to find out… link: Good fortune on Friday the 13th? (Steorn’s Orbo)

2 thoughts on “Steorn Update Tomorrow”

  1. Thanks for the comment T.D. I don’t know what will become of Orbo – I must confess that I am still very cynical myself but I eagerly await the demonstrations that are to take place in June this year. Perhaps my cynicism will be banished.

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