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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Treason

First read about this case when Bernie G posted a Twitter note about it. It’s a wrongful dismissal case regarding a secretary who maintained a blog in the mode of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” to the dislike of her employers. Despite never naming parties in the blog posts her employers took exception to the content and decided that they were within their rights to drop her like a hot iron. Thankfully a court has ruled that the employer acted wrongfully and free speech has been restored once again. Back in 2005 I blogged a piece on this very subject referencing Tom Murphy’s PR Opinions blog at the time. I feared how far employers would try to twist the free speech of the blogosphere and infringe upon the rights of employees. This case was the one I was waiting for and it’s nice to see the outcome in favour of the party who had actually done no wrong. A wake-up call for anyone who thinks that a contract of work gives them governance over the private lives of people… source: Telegraph

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