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Another Facelift!

It’s only a wet day (well a snowy one anyway) since I changed the look of my blog template. Doing that however, made the other residue on my site look like a heap of crap. So, I then changed the rest of the site pages to something more pleasing. I then decided that having the site and the blog maintained in different styles wasn’t a good idea for those passing on through. So here we are, the blog has been upgraded again to look like the rest of the site. In addition to re-re-sprucing the blog template I’ve added a couple of little gizmos (nod of the head to scriptaculous for the javascript but images by moi). Beside each post heading and beside most of the sidebar headings you will now see a little minus sign and a plus sign. For example, if you get annoyed looking at the beautiful people in MyBlogLog reader list then click the minus sign and they will disappear. Miss them already? Then click the plus sign and they’re back again. The same functions apply to anything with a minus and plus sign beside them. Someday I might even get around to persisting your choices in a cookie so that you can personalise my blog. We go all out here you know! 🙂 My reasons for adding these widgets were that you can not only have fun with my blog page but you can simply click the minus sign when you have read a post and not have to scroll to the next entry. Almost like a feed reader in some ways… Any problems, please let me know.

Please note: These changes only apply to my main site and not my WordPress mirror.

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