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Flash Hard Disk

SanDisk have just launched their new 32GB solid-state, flash drive for laptops. I really like the idea of no more spinning hard disks but at twice the price and one fifth the storage capacity of a typical good spec hard disk, I’d be willing to put up with the noise for a little longer. source: Reg Hardware

2 thoughts on “Flash Hard Disk”

  1. I think the Samsung flash-hd hybrids are a better idea for now. Put the most used data in the flash cache and the rest on the hd.

    But when flash comes down in price, woohooo!

  2. I agree with you Paul. Definitely a better solution for the time-being. Still can’t shake that idea of a totally quiet HD though. I suppose it’s only a matter of time that prices start to equalise based on the drops observed in the USB flash drive market recently.

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