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Triple Crown

A murky day at Murrayfield, outside Edinburgh, and an Irish team that was nowhere near the giants that defeated the English two weeks previous. Leading from the outset the Irish never looked composed and even lesser so nearing the end of the first half and into the second. Half-way through the second half the Scottish kicker, Chris Patterson, was as ever flawless and sent Scotland into a lead of 5 points. Despite the possession falling off and an obvious decrease in the connection between the Irish players, they came back to turn over a couple of plays and force the penalties that allowed Ronan O’Gara to finally place Ireland in a winning position of 19-18. The triple crown belongs to Ireland again for the 3rd time in 4 years but the wake-up call has been issued. A weak Irish side, exhibited many problems but showed that under extreme pressure they can still pull it back. The game was also the stage for some of the worst refereeing that I have seen in a Six Nations match. Bad calls made against Ireland and Scotland and very blind observation of certain plays. It’s all history now but this team needs to steady up before the Pool D face-off against France in the Rugby World Cup. If it can do that, then this truly is a world class rugby team. Fair play lads – keep it going.

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