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Some may have noticed a new addition to my blog. The right hand column now displays my Twitter view – a scrollable pane of things I have twitted. All the top net-writers are using it, the celebrity net-writers like Robert Scoble even get things written about them based on their Twitter activity. In true fashion, I stayed away from it for a while until curiousity got the better of me.

What is Twitter? The only way I can describe it is that it is like IM for bloggers. You write very short messages, directed at somebody or nobody and they get published. Not only are they published but they are also indexed pretty fast by Google (I signed up late last night and already my posts are showing up in Google searches). It seems to have taken the social network scene by storm and already other bloggers are asking if there has been a tail-off in blog posts because of it? Personally I like it but I can see myself growing tired of it as it’s just perhaps a little too fast and furious if you’re involved in a large community of contacts. I don’t like IM because it is too intrusive, blogging was my outlet and comments were replied to “all in good time”. Twitter crosses the void between the two and while it may be fun and snappy I fear that as communities get larger, it will drain energies and people will grow tired of it.

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