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Neighbourhood Fix-it

A new website launched in the UK, to help residents make known problems in their area, is making headlines for getting things done. It has taken the traditional one-to-one reporting of problems to the council and replaced it with a community board making the problems harder to ignore. Nice idea, one that I have thought about in the past. However, I have also thought about pitfalls of such a site. For example if residents are reporting a large amount of vandalism and graffiti, etc will it not just advertise the area as a bad zone and decrease property prices? People might get the wrong impression of an area from over-zealous problem posting. I tried out the site which simply asks for a post code or address. First post code that came to mind was, of course, SW1. To my horror I saw that there was a dangerous pothole and some graffiti. Now there’s no way that I’m buying that house down the road from Wimbledon Tennis Club! 🙂 source: BBC NEWS | Technology

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