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Junior ASBOs

It’s official, the government have set in motion ASBOs for young people as of today. I have to admit that when the idea of ASBOs first became a pop-culture talking point, I was was very uncertain about the effect that it would have on the social structure. The whole branded for life thing was a little worrying. However, in recent times my wife and I have fallen victim to gangs of youths (not from our area) loitering around our house, throwing stones at our windows, interfering with our cars, and generally causing great annoyance and stress. Having suffered first hand at the effects of anti-social behaviour as it is called I can see a reason for having an official stamp against it. Although, I fear that the mentality of the individuals involved may only lead to an ASBO being used as a badge of valour amongst their peers. I guess that only time will tell.

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