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Charity begins… nowhere!

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I’m sure that this will not come as a surprise to many but it certainly did to me. In recent times family members have gotten the urge to give something back to the community and wanted to volunteer their services to local charities and such. Amazingly the response is either we don’t want anyone right now or well you’ll have to go through an interview process and wait for some time. In addition to this we recently decided to donate some perfectly good condition items to charity and we were told that there was a waiting list to donate. What the hell? Everyday I hear about people in need and people who don’t even have the basics in life and here we have so-called charities compiling waiting lists to donate and refusing volunteer helpers. No wonder we have a poverty gap in this country that is thriving so much – you can’t help even if you try. Charity tip: if you want to help people, bypass the charities, find somebody who needs help and help them.

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