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It’s not iPhone it’s ourPhone

After all the controversy of the new Apple iPhone name it turns out that Apple and Cisco have reached an agreement whereby they will both share the name “iPhone”. No financial details have been released but the deal is rumoured to open up a working relationship between Apple and Cisco in future communications developments. source: BBC NEWS

2 thoughts on “It’s not iPhone it’s ourPhone”

  1. I dont doubt the samsung 707 sync will become free within a couple of months(right now its at 28 bucks), so I strongly agree with the guy that mentioned that a free phone its not worth it if bought straight from carrier, I have seen the nokia 6133 all the way to 70 dollars and thats after rebate and as a free phone they offer the 6030 what a crappy trade off for lazy people that dont want to walk into a retail store.

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