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Attack of the Prawns

As everything else in the world appears to be changing in recent times, no doubt all due to global warming, a strange species of prawn has been found off the coast of Cork. According to fishery experts this species has no business in our waters and is normally found off the coast of Japan and in the Pacific region. Fears are rising for the local prawns and how much they may suffer at the hands of these larger tourists. source: Irish Times

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2 thoughts on “Attack of the Prawns”

  1. Argh! It is the deadly Prawn Triads! The Irish prawns better get their local mafia boys on over to sort these intruders out.

  2. Yes, the poor oirish prawns are in grave danger. It was one hell of a migration though for the tourists from Japan to the Irish Sea, I wonder if they went around the Cape or through the Panama Canal? 🙂

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