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IP Forever

No it’s not an irregular bladder function but rather an article on the state of communication protocols for computing. The sentiment is strong and compounded that IP has been a huge success and like it or not it’s here to stay for a very long time. The much needed augmentation of IPv6 will eventually roll out at some stage but it’s very hard to ever see it being replaced in our mid to distant futures. source: The Register

1 thought on “IP Forever”

  1. I’ll be happy to switch to IPv6 as soon as my ISP assigns me a suitable address. Not sure how far off that’ll be though, or who has to act first.

    For most people though, I don’t think it’s going to be a difficult transition — machines behind their ISP-provided router are probably using DHCP, services that need access to the network can use UPnP to get out.

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