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Shut the F**k up McDowell!

I’ve all but had it with this country’s minister for justice: on the news today I hear him pompously attacking Pat Rabbitte for his party’s policy on reducing the lower tax band, describing Rabbitte as hypocritical and it being a very sad moment for him. Big words indeed from a minister for justice that somehow managed to build a three storey, one-off development, holiday home in a rural area and win a controversial case against the county council of the area despite his own builders stating on record that they did not adhere to planning regulations. From a minister that leaks information to the press when he sees fit to sully somebody’s name. From a minister that jumped on the stamp duty band wagon in order to gain popularity. From a minister… you know what, the country knows your record minister. Let the election speak and let’s just hope that the population is not afraid of your bark as it is only too true that you have never bitten! Nobody wants to hear what you have to say anymore, quite frankly everytime you open your mouth you just pi** me off and many others, so please shut the f**k up!

2 thoughts on “Shut the F**k up McDowell!”

  1. I am no longer a fan of MMcD, but he is an elected representative, the leader of a political party, a Government minister, Tanaiste, and, to the extent that opinion polls are relevant, a popular figure outside the ranks of his own party.

    So, what right have you or anyone else to silence him ?

    As for his Roscommon house, if you followed the full story, it would not be difficult to understand how he got the p.p.. In fact, on any rational basis, the behaviour of the local authority is what is open to question.

    As for the media reporting, well, it is yet another case illustrating the need for stricter regulation of the media.

  2. Hi Fergus,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post and indeed not just reacting but reacting with substance. For sure, I don’t have the right to silence MMcD, all I have is an opinion that may or may not be shared with anyone else (although I do know many that agree). With respect to the pp issue you are indeed correct that the local authority was in question also but as an observer of close friends and family who have failed to build anything but a bungalow I know also that 3 storey houses are almost but a figment of the imagination in urban areas never mind rural. I guess that’s what annoys me the most despite the controversy surrounding the case. With regard to MMcD’s position as a party leader and a popular figure I will stand away from historical references (for fear of touching Godwin’s Law) but popularity and leadership have not always been the mark of true greatness, correctness or the benefit of society…

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