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IFTA as in IFTA was something else on, nobody would watch them. Sadly as I lay here still recovering from a long illness, obviously still too sick to reach the remote, I reluctantly admit, nay confess, to watching the IFTA show on RTE. Having just seen the ceremony all the way through I can without doubt say that for a show to honour the greatest from film and television it is the most awful production that I have ever witnessed. In addition to make contrasts to other award shows, the only difference between the IFTAs and the Oscars is, at least those receiving awards at the Oscars know how to fake surprise at having “won”.

The constant chat in the background during acceptance speaches, the constant reuse of clips from movies showing up just how limited the production crew must have been, the barrage of bad jokes and so much more. The only saving grace of the ceremony was that the nominated and intolerable Martin King did not win an award. Up Waterford Martin! Perhaps you didn’t get the award due to a failed geography assessment of Irish cities? I’m just too sick to write any more but I’m sure that my resting dreams will no doubt torment my recovery process that is already going far too slow for my liking…

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