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To WWW or not to WWW

Just read this interesting post from John Chow. While the content of the post is nothing really new to me, it’s interesting because more and more people should be aware of its subject matter. It deals with the matter of domain names and whether your web server should accept and also without any rewriting. In recent times I have flagged this issue with several webmasters that the www and non-www version of their domains point to very different and not intentional websites. A cause of embarrassment to many I’m sure. Another notable point however from John’s post is the notion of having two different Google page ranks because of such. And let’s face it the world have gone mad for page ranking so the world should really listen up here, you cannot control incoming links to your site! However, with some simple rewrite rules provided in John’s post you can beat the problem at home source: John Chow dot com

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