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A Phone

For some reason this post went missing between last night and tonight <<scratches head>> Luckilly I keep an offsite back-up in WordPress ๐Ÿ™‚ If anyone has commented/trackbacked on this then please comment again as I have a feeling that the database was reverted today for some reason. Maybe Steve didn’t like my opinions on the new phone…

So I haven’t posted anything yet about the new Apple iPhone. Is it because, of internet downtime or is it because of my current jury duty? Both have been factors in my life recently but I fear the real reason is that I may just be the last person on earth who thinks that it’s just another 2.5G phone.

Don’t get me wrong: I have two Macs and am trying so very hard not to purchase a 20″ iMac (I fear a losing battle) and I just love Apple kit in general but this is a phone. It plays MP3 and MP4, it has a big’ish screen, it has a calendar, it syncs with the computer, it has a photo viewer, and it has a touch screen. My Nokia 6233 has all of the above, excluding the touch screen (quite frankly I really wouldn’t want one) and it’s 3G. Further more it cost me Eur 169 for a speakeasy upgrade not $499 plus contract fees as is being suggested for the iPhone. To all those technology enthusiasts out there, of which I still think I am one in most respects, I apologise but it’s still just another phone. It ain’t that special. If you’ve already got a mobile and a 5G iPod, you’re already there…

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