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Most Folk Don’t Want 2 Buffalos…

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Over the Christmas break, while not blogging, I finally got around to tackling some of the “long finger” jobs that I have been meaning to do for some time now. By far the most enjoyable of these was sorting out our network connectivity problems between Siân’s study and mine. For some time now we have been running a lan cable up the stairs and around the bends to get access as WiFi wasn’t an option for her laptop. So, while strolling around the local PC store I found a Buffalo WZR-RS-G54 on sale for Eur 69.99 (Eur 130 off) – I’ll have that!

So straight home with me, configured my existing Buffalo WBR-G54 to enable WDS and entered the MAC address of the new unit, and vice versa. 10 minutes later voila! A wireless bridge, a 4-port switch for the study upstairs and no more lan cable running around the house like a rogue snake. Sweet!

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