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Music never looked so good

Finally got around to installing the latest version of Apple’s iTunes (7.0.2). I have to say that I’m not easily won over by little gimmics but this release has me well and truly sold. There is a new view for your music library that shows a listing of songs and also above the song list a very swish album art view that whisks its way through all your album art as you select a song or scroll through the album art to select an album to listen to. Sadly the view is only available for music that is in your main music library and you can’t view your iPod in the same way (probably down to access speed and trashing the USB connection and poor little iPod) but never-the-less it’s still good. It’s a really simple idea but it just looks so cool that I’m temporarily infatuated with it. Finally I can pick songs in accordance with the aesthetic beauty of their album’s front cover. 🙂

1 thought on “Music never looked so good”

  1. That is fine for you fancy Mac users but in windows the product seriously eats resources. That fancy album GUI has also crashed my machine a couple of times. Worst upgrade ever !
    Mayo for SAM 2007 !

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