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Along the Bloglines of things to come

Looks like Bloglines is impressing those in Microsoft who have allowed a plugin for IE7 to enable one-click adding of RSS feeds to your bloglines account. Bloglines | News. It also appears that FireFox 2.0 users will enjoy the same experience Bloglines | News Wouldn’t it be great if every web service you used had a one-click button in your browser, there’d be n fumbling around any more in a jungle of items and clicks (cough…)

1 thought on “Along the Bloglines of things to come”

  1. Well feeds have the “feed icon” in the Firefox address bar and in the IE7 toolbar.

    In Firefox 2 (and 1.5 with an extension) the destination of the subscription command is editable e.g. to Bloglines or Google Reader.

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