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Vlogging a dead horse?

Picked up this article via Mícheál Ó Foghlú’s Weblog on how podcasts and video logs will be the key to IPTV. Personally I have to say that I am far from convinced about this and would probably go as far as to say that I strongly disagree with it.

IPTV is already shaping up in my mind to be the scurge of humanity in terms of invasive entertainment mediums. Suggesting that vlogging and podcasts will be key to its success is somewhat dubious. While that kind of content thrives on the web it’s not where people go to when they want quality entertainment. Take for example in the current realm of TV offerings: There are many movie channels available, some with ad breaks, some without. Some show mainstream films others such obscure, low budget films and others specialise in true stories. The most successful of these channels is not the one that shows movies that aren’t made by Hollywood. The reason is simple: When people want quality entertainment they engage with a quality medium. When people want 2 minutes of mindless humour they go to the web. I sincerely hope that IPTV has something good to offer as I don’t want my cathode ray tube turning into youtube…

reference source: Mícheál Ó Foghlú’s Weblog: Mediaangler on IPTV

source: Mediangler Blog Archive: Podcasts Lining up for the IPTV Future But It’s Still The Corner Shop Bet

2 thoughts on “Vlogging a dead horse?”

  1. But then how do you explain the popularity of YouTube?

    When do people spend time on YouTube? Stats I’ve read show most of the younger generation s spend more time on the web than in front of a television.

    Those are the people spending hours on YouTube watching hundreds of 2 minute spots.

    If they can get it on a 72″ plasma while sitting on the comfort of their couch and with the interactivity of the web… they will.

    To me IPTV isn’t about replacing TV though. It is about bringing the web we know onto your television. You can then watch a 2 hour Hollywood movie or waste an hour on YouTube or do some social networking or read a bunch of blogs. No limitation based on your device.

    As for YouTube feeding channels of entertainment… I see it happening. I myself won’t do it much but a lot of younger people will and do.

  2. Fair points Paul. My only qualm was the implication of the article, suggesting that IPTV will be cornerstoned by vlogging content. It is conceivable that folk will sit down in front of their plasma screens and watch movies, send IM, vlog their dog eating popcorn, etc. But then I have to ask why it is being called IPTV when this is what everyone is already doing and has been able to do for years? At the moment I only see IPTV as an intrusive force threatening the content that we watch with hotspot items “click a watch, buy a watch”, setting the scene for a deluge of integrated advertising.

    Now, I’m not blind to the existence of product placement in traditional movies but this model of advertising potential just seems so much more invasive to me. Couple this with key content such as youtube, an ad before and after every clip “brought to you by Super crunchy choco bars” and we’ll end up in Philip K. Dick’s Bladerunner world before we know what hit us. To me that’s not value and not a service I want, already I want to pay to get rid of it. Raising once again the question of, what is the value of IPTV over current solutions. So far I only see detriment but I’m open to persuasion…

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