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A-boot Time

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In recent years we have all seen the impact that flashy, high-priced trainers and soccer shoes have had on the youth and even the not-so-young. In this light it is refreshing to hear about a New York Knicks basketball player who has endoresed a pair of US$15 basketball shoes in an attempt to curb the market and highlight that high prices are not always the best buy. Naturally there has been much criticism of this move, not surprisingly this is aimed at what impact the move will have on the multi-billion dollar industry as opposed to embracing the positive impact that it has had on society. So far the trainers have been a big hit and are proving increasingly popular in the US. Long live this attitude I say. Damn capitalists are only concerened with how much money they’ll lose rather than stopping crime which is a serious issue regarding bullying of and theft from the youths who have worn expensive footwear in the past. source: Irish Times

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