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Bright Spark’s a Gas Man

Let me start by saying that this country is in an energy crisis. Not because there is a lack of energy but because our useless regulator always backs the requests from the states only two, national energy providers for gas and electricity. It has just been approved that a 20% hike in electricity and a 34% hike in gas prices have been approved. This is crippling the average Irish household. So far in the past couple of years there have been about 3 or 4 price rises already and now this. It’s time that this market was opened to competition and that people should be given a choice. Then again the Ireland of today is so corrupt that we’d probably just end up in a price fixing scheme between the competitors… source: Irish Times

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2 thoughts on “Bright Spark’s a Gas Man”

  1. Yeah, I was pretty shocked at the energy prices one has to pay when I moved to Ireland.

    Alternative energy sources are looking not just a good thing for the environment but a good one for our pockets.

  2. Sadly the environmental considerations are probably the last thought on the current governing body’s mind. I suspect that pay agreements, union appeasement and several other similar factors are more deterministic than “green awareness” 🙁

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