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MT 3.32

Just upgraded to MovableType 3.32 and for the first time ever I had a hiccup in the upgrade. To say that I was slightly concerned was an understatement as I had carelessly forgotten to back-up my DB before starting. Anyhow after recopying all the files across once more and checking permissions, it all seems fine again. A few nerve racking moments but no need to move to WordPress yet (although I am considering it, I prefer the way it handles categories as dynamic and almost tag-like in terms of assignment – time will tell as to what I will do).

1 thought on “MT 3.32”

  1. Spoke too soon with respect to my tag preference in WordPress. I’ve just noticed that MovableType 3.32 has tags built into the system. Just have to find a way to utilise them now in the published pages and away we go 🙂

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