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The equality authority has warned car rental companies and insurance companies against the improper practice of blanket banning people because of age alone. While I welcome this action by the authority it is a shame that they have only focussed it at the elderly, specifically those who are holidaymakers in the country, rather than including the young also. Yet again it is testemony to the fact that youth is opressed in this country. The elderly albeit would find driving more convenient can still make their way around by public transport, some can even travel free. The young however do not have the same freedom, be it driving for work or other demands. As such they are continually targetted as a source of easy revenue. The article in the Times states that “it is discriminatory to refuse to quote someone for insurance based solely on an upper age limit, following a case successfully taken by the authority in 2003”. Surely by that rational it is discriminatory to refuse insurance based on a lower age limit that is within the allowable age bracket for driving? source: Irish Times

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