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What is wrong with this country?

In recent days we have seen the controversy over the statutory rape legislation in Ireland. Yesterday a man sentenced for the rape of a 12-year-old girl was set free because somebody had exposed a loophole in the legislation. What kind of person goes looking for loopholes in such legislation and what kind of person defends somebody wanting to appeal a sentence based on this legislation. It would certainly appear that the law community in this country has completely lost its morals and indeed human decency.

We often look at other less serious cases in the public eye such as X sues Y because they were depressed in their job or they fell on their property (even if it wasn’t Y’s fault). The people who help these claims get through the courts should be outlawed. Setting precedents for no reason other than their cut of the winnings. How could we have become a nation of chancers and loophole exploiters when we started in such humble beginnings? This is my opinion but I know that it is shared by many others and something should be done about it by those who govern what is legal and what is not. Sadly I fear that may be the same group who take these controversal cases. source: Irish Times

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