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I have given up on the pursuit of unattainable web pages and instead have just started to research/investigate the various aspects of DRM with respect to the sharing of video content. Naturally the first stop for such things would be MPEG-21 and possibly the Open Mobile Alliance who have their own DRM solution currently on version 2.0 from what I understand.

Learning in this domain has so far been tiresome and consists of far too many whitepapers and abstract overviews without any real hands on exempli gratia to guide a bewildered newcommer through the maze. I did manage to find one SDK for such objectives (ContentGuard) but as I am working away on a Mac their selection of .bat files for running sample applications did not ease my journey from novice to confused.

The big problem at the moment with DRM (apart from the lack of concrete SDKs out there) is that many organisations just don’t have a single platform solution. Many content vendors have their own proprietary standards and readers but this isn’t going a long way to resolving the bigger issues associated with content super-distribution. What is really needed is a one-stop shop for standards-based content protection and authorisation. Perhaps I’ll find a solution out there in the depths of my research…

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