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A Sign of Things to Come

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Just read this interesting snippet from Jon Udell about an idea that was passed by him for using road signs in Ireland as the basis for location-based services. Great idea and I can only wonder why our wonderfully knowledgeable government is not getting out there and doing something about it. source: Jon Udell: Bootstrapping location-based services

2 thoughts on “A Sign of Things to Come”

  1. Signs Everywhere

    I saw this very interesting link over at Jonathan Brazil’s Weblog about a piece Jon Udell wrote concerning a very simple solution to defining a digital standard for geographical location. It’s all based on road signs and the frequency of…

  2. Simple location-based services

    CLONMEL HOTSPOT — Radio presenters are talking about the Irish government’s plan to overhaul speed limit signs. It means giving every town at least one speed limit sign since drivers need to know when they should slow to 50kph. McGrath

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