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Worst Communications Provisioning Ever!

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It is 4 weeks now since I naively posted my relocation of services form to my service provider to request a transfer of services from my old address to my new address. There is still no sign of anything happening (either my old service being cancelled or my new ones being activated). I have called the customer service team several times, written many e-mails (all ignored) and still cannot get any satisfaction.

To advertise the ridiculous nature of the situation, the details are as follows:

1) The phone number that I am transferring originally came from the address to which it is now to be transferred back.
2) The destination address has a physical line with a soft-tone whereby I can call 1901 and speak to Eircom if they would only speak to me (not being an Eircom customer, they cannot).
3) The destinaion address had a broadband connection up until last month when I moved in and therefore was obviously broadband compatible.
4) My service provider insists that Eircom say the line is not passing its tests – obviously this is impossible given the points outlined above.
5) My service provider tells me that there is nobody I can speak to regarding my situation other than customer care and they just don’t care.
6) Eircom will not talk to me to validate the line enquiry reference number I got from my service provider and therefore I cannot ascertain who is filling my ears with bull.

Surely there is a way to get to the source of this month long epic problem that is realistically, a 10 minute job to perform. To say that this level of service is below par would be more praise than my provider is ever entitled to in my experience. I am disgusted that I am also still being charged for a service that I cannot use (for almost a month now) and still no sign of a resolution. I used always wonder why Irish people put up with this sort of nonsense but I have now discovered that it is because you just can’t talk to anyone to complain, nobody that you can talk to cares and the government and communications reglators just don’t want to know – if they did then I wouldn’t be here now for almost a month without a phone line and broadband connection that I am paying for the privelege of not having!!!!!