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If that farm isn’t for sale, Minister’s still goin’ buy you a brand new jail

It would appear that the Minister for injustice is seeking legislation to cover compulsory purchases of land for prisons. In fairness, how many prisons do we need to warrant legislation? No doubt this is a kneejerk reaction to the recent outcry of Eur 30M being spent on farmland for a new prison and the pointing out of the stupidity and facts by programs such as Primetime on RTE. There was even a quote issued that said

“Nobody can point to 150 acres 10 miles from the city centre which is cheaper to anybody, including the Minister for Justice than that land [at Thornton Hall]”

Is it just me or was there a very well publicised farmland exactly beside the purchased site that was valued at Eur 6M? I’ll never quite understand the ability of this government to deny the undeniable. source: Irish Times

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