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Fianna “Fail”

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An article in today’s Times about the Dublin Port Tunnel left me in stitches. Seemingly Bertie has adopted the stance that any trucks that are too big to use the Dublin Port Tunnel should be turned away because they are not wanted. Could this be the ultimate in defence of the undefendable? He’s starting to sound more and more like Mr. McDowell every day.

Meanwhile in Waterford today, the new outer ring road (section 1) is being opened providing faster access to the regional hospital from the Cork Road (N25). Yet another amazing benefit of our government, providing a relief road from a city entry route to a mostly residential area when the majority of traffic will have no reason to travel from the N25 to the hospital nor will any of the residential “school run” traffic be travelling to an area of the county that has no schools. Conclusion: A massively, misspent budget on a road that so far goes no way to relieving the traffic problems in the area around the regional hospital! I can only imagine that big development plans are lying around somewhere for this new route and that somebody might stand to profit massively from the development. Only time will tell… source: Irish Times

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