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Waterford Occupants Compared to “Hitler and his henchmen”

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Thanks to Rob for pointing me in the direction of these articles – somteimes I must walk around with my eyes closed. It would appear that a quick-to-comment Kilkenny councillor has taken such offence to the proposed extension of Waterford’s boundary that she has resorted in painting the entire county with the line “Hitler and his henchmen”. source: Kilkenny People. A response from Waterford councillors, printed in a local paper was filled with shock and disgust that somebody would stoop to such lows and resort to offensive name-calling in order to express an opinion. source: Munster Express.

It is well-known that the history between Waterford and Kilkenny is heated and probably always will be. Great hurling rivals and so forth. It is also a well-established fact that an incredible number of South Kilkenny people work in Waterford; a fact that is often brought into ‘slagging’ battles between the locals of the two counties. The expansion of the Waterford boundary is no more than a logical proposal in order to allow the city to develop without obstruction and to the benefit of all surrounding areas. I can’t help but feel that objections, on the other hand, are based soley upon personal feelings rather than pragmatic thinking…