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Expanding Waste-Line

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Just listening to the news and having read an earlier report today about the EU action against Ireland with respect to our appalling waste management. I applaud the EU for their action against the country and its complete lack of interest in promoting proper waste management. Escalating refuse charges and other measures simply mean that people are penalised to dispose of the vast amounts of rubbish generated through no fault of their own. The fact remains that the government is trying to tackle the effect of the problem rather than the cause of it. Stop the excess packaging and superfluous materials entering the country and people will not have to dispose of them. Until recently most counties did not have proper recycling schemes and as such communities could not engage in such activities. It is no wonder that recycling participation sky-rocketed after the introduction of these schemes on a national level – it was not because of government initiative.

The news report on RTE tonight sadly brought to my attention that my home county of Waterford was guilty of dumping offences with two disputed land fills at Kilbarry and Tramore (a former blue flag beach). At the same time, Waterford is one of the top recycling counties in Ireland with a figure around 48% from recollection, although I would need to confirm this figure. Yet, this year we saw a 25% increase in our annual charge for refuse disposal that is in no way linked to the amount of rubbish produced. Where is the justice? I suppose it is no wonder that this country has so many problems with waste management when our public officials are full of “rubbish” and their actions, a complete “waste” of time… source:

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