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Anti-social Wealth

The latest report from those sociological guys shows that although we may be better off, more educated folk on average in Ireland, we are less tolerant and often ignore the needs of society especially the poor. Well it makes sense really. The 80’s gave birth to a new breed of teenager and business person in Ireland. Self-confident premadonnas who believed that the more they got, the less they owed society. These folk who now find themselves at middle-to-upper management levels in high-paid jobs are the kind of folk who don’t look for practical places to live but rather ask where is the best place to live and then complain about traffic problems. These people are the scum of Irish society, pushing down the rest of the public by their professional and recreational habits. When, as an insular population of a wonderful island, did we stop working for the common good? Will we ever get back to helping others rather than ourselves? After all a collective population of individuals helping others means that everyone is better off on average not just the few… source: Irish Times

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