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Mini Me

Well after 4 weeks or so of waiting my brand new Mac Mini was delivered. I went for the 1.42GHz G4, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive options. Finally after so many years of waiting to own my own Mac, the introduction lived up to all expectations. I knew it was going to be compact but the effect is never real until you see it in front of you. The picture below shows the Mini on a typical mouse mat with the mouse on top – it’s very compact! After unpacking and connecting the few cables necessary to bring the machine to life, the Mini just worked. I powered it on and a couple of configuration questions later (literally a couple of minutes) I was happily exploring my new Mac OSX environment. Don’t you just like it when things go like that? Anyway my Mini is now sitting happily on its own shelf in my study working away. There goes my weekend 🙂