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Justice Minsiter, Justice

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After much talk in recent days about the deportation of 19-year-old Nigerian student, Olunkunle Eluhanla, while still in his school uniform, it seems as though some sense has emerged. Minister McDowell has finally apologised for the handling of the incident (probably the first and last apology we’ll ever see from this minister). The situation was that a young man was making an effort to fit into a new country. He was sitting his leaving certificate, working a part-time job to pay for his fees, etc and without hearing was cast out of the country. Whatever way is correct to deal with immigration, this certainly was not it. It’s a wonder, with current attitudes, that the shambles wasn’t scapegoat-ed to a subversive organisation. It’s certainly time that this government started to take accountability for its behaviour and failings over the last number of years. Knee-jerk reactions to public outcry will never solve problems in the long run – perhaps they should even consider working for the country. That would be a novel approach. source: The Irish Times

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