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Dangerous Young Brains

A recent US study has shown that the brain may not be fully developed in respect to risk taking until people reach the ‘magic’ age of 25. Funnilly enough the first thing that came to mind for the interpretors of this study was car insurance. What a surprise! Yet again more nonsense unleashed to prevent the majority of safe young drivers getting decent insurance quotes. I quote from the article “What is not in question is that car crashes kill more under 24-year-olds than any other group.” Well if this is true and the author is trying to prove a point then why don’t they say that the under 24-year-old was driving and not just killed – they could have been a pedestrian or a passenger. Did nobody ever think of that? The article also suggests that the range is from 15-24 well surely 15-16-year-olds cannot be insured drivers? Also proportional representation should surely be called in here. How many 18-25 year old drivers are there compared to 25-34? When will we see studies to analyse the reaction times of the older generations (reactions have been long known to slow down with age). Surely reaction time accounts for a lot of unexpected accidents. After all very few people go out to have an accident. As I always say, statistics can prove anything you just need to conduct a study that will show what you want it to. One thing is for sure, the inevitability of youth should not be punished without fault of the individual. Similar attitudes to race, colour and creed have thankfully, long since vanished. Why do we still tolerate discrimination against youth? source: Irish Times

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