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Patent Pending

I’ve been stalling on posting this piece for some time now as I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts on the subject. On March 7th 2005 a gathering of EU chiefs passed what is known as the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive (CIID). This means that the cornerstone of software patents has been laid. As I selected a category for this post, I hesitantly selected “Technology” when I fear that “General” would be more applicable. Indeed a dark cloud descended upon the world on that day, March 7th. Although not yet the nail in the coffin it is a strong indication of things to come. Patents will run riot across the industry – should we dare compare to the pharmaceutical industry where valuable and needed medications are not publicly released due to a patent pending. Unnecessary delays to the detriment of the public, solely for the gain of the capitalist. I make no excuses for my singularity of vision in this respect. The opensoure community has yet another foe. This time in the form of proposed legislation that will almost certainly place a stranglehold on the community, not instantly but in the not too distant future. Despite objections from many countries, a collapse of the original proposal and no real support from many apart from those with vested interests, this legislation is being rushed through without due respect to the consequences. A patent is not just for Christmas… ref: The Register