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For Whom the Bell ‘Tolls’

In recent days there has been much controversy over the increase in tolls on the West Link Toll Bridge in Dublin. To be fair to the general public this increase is in my opinion completely unjustified and outrageous. It has also transpired that the original contract between the government and NTR (the company who control the toll bridge) is to be investigated with respect to the favourable stance given to the company. An air of deep suspicion is about due to the involvement of several disgraced politicians in the original deal. It is the opinion of many that these toll bridge operators have been given a licence to print money and that they are not actually serving the original purpose of toll bridges (i.e. to pay the road costs – what about road tax I hear you cry; I know but that’s another matter). I can’t wait to see the outcome of this investigation. It should be entertaining if nothing else. source: Irish Times

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