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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!! May 2005 be the realisation of dreams and the normalisation of the ridiculous. Back at the helm today with my shiney new iPod (thank you Siân – what a wife). While I am incredibly pleased with the iPod (a wonderful piece of engineering (that has now rendered my music partition on my HD defunct) I have to ask what Apple are playing at with the software. I have a laptop and a desktop and can only sync my iPod with one or the other. Trying to associate it with both causes a complete format of the iPod. Yikes! – and I found out the hard way. I can only assume it’s some anti-piracy measure but it’s also bloody annoying if you have two machines and you want to use iTunes to manage the music rather than just dragging and dropping as a removeable drive. Anyway no real complaints, enjoy the year.