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The Cost of Moving

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No it’s not the cost of moving house but rather the cost of moving job location or to be more accurate the cost of moving your employees. This debate of decentralisation has been raging for some time now and it still fails to make any sense to me as to why the civil servants even have a case to argue about it. If I was working for company A and they decide to move far away but I still had the offer of my job if I wanted to move then I have two choices. 1) Move with the company 2) find another job. This whole ‘job for life’ attitude of the civil service is so out of touch with reality, it’s amusing. If there is a legitimate case here then will somebody please highlight it and inform me via a comment as I cannot see the reasoning. Currently the government is preparing for 10’s of millons in compensation claims, surely this cannot be right? source: Irish Times

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