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On the LUAS

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Readers of my blog will know that I have never been a fan of Dublin’s decision to spend over Eur700M of “IRELAND’s” money on a tram system that won’t even connect it’s own lines. In recent days the LUAS system as it is known has become active for the public. So far we have had doors jam open, and now a collision with a car wing mirror that warranted taking the tram out of service. It’s a joke and coupled with the recent revelation that Dublin could have had 2 quality bus corridors carrying the same amount of people for Eur60M it begs the question of whether or not this was done for show or for practicality? Of course when asked the question on the Last Word radio show with Matt Cooper on Today FM, the Minister for Transport defended the project by saying it came in on budget and building a similar system anywhere else in Europe would cost the same. Indeed it would Minister but you were asked why you didn’t install a bus corridor for under 9% for the overall LUAS cost. It doesn’t matter how much a tram system costs, the issue is if we actually needed it at all! Why is there not more outcry amongst the public against stupid expenditure of tax payer’s money in such projects solely located in a single city? With respect to the collision, at least a bus can move if a car is slightly in the way. Read more about todays collision… source: Irish Times

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