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Thursday Tantrum

I haven’t had a good rant in a while but sitting down, discussing wedding plans with Siân recently brought some things to mind. Why does the exploitation of other people�s happiness form part of an accepted Irish culture? This could be a multi-episode thread but today we’ll focus on hairdressers. Yes, the MX-5 driving, dirty jean wearing, platinum blonde I made a mistake but won’t do it to your hair, strain of keratin strand snipping gentiles out there. Not only are prices for females to have their hair “styled” already outrageous but it appears as though it is common and accepted practice to dramatically increase this price when the showpiece of your crown is destined for a wedding. I have to ask why? Surely a good hair style is a good hair style regardless of where it is going to be displayed. C’mon Ms Harney, let’s get on the back of these service folk with whom you could shop around until the cows come home and never find a reasonable deal. Others will soon face the same fate so I hope the hairdressers of Ireland don’t feel singled out by this posting. Coming soon, bands and why a wedding is deemed to be, financially, 4-5 times the effort of a pub gig.