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Coming Soon… A Starbucks

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Well it had to happen at some stage and now it has. Starbucks the Seattle coffee company has already infested most of the world and now it looks set to take over the 32 counties. Finally, all Irish people can add a little more caffeine to their diets with a choice of every type of coffee under the sun. One would have to wonder about the government stance on this after announcing yesterday that it was prepared to start placing health warnings on drinks like Red Bull for their caffeine content. Well Bertie I know somewhere that has a lot more caffeine than a can of Red Bull. Soon the streets of Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Galway will be filled with the sound of “I’d like a double tall, vanilla, mocha shot mixed with a grande latte and maple nut syrup”. God damn!! In the great words of Denis Leary on the subject “Is it impossible to get a cup of coffee flavour, coffee? They’ve got mochachino, cappuchino, frappachino, chocachino, rappachino, Al Pacino, www.whatthef**” source: Irish Times

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