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Hit the Road Jack

Just announced last night that Séamus Brennan has allocated Eur 8bn over the next 4 years to finish all Irish motorways and roads. Pardon me but isn’t our country supposed to be in crisis at the moment, hence our tax hikes, rough budgets and various other add-on charges inflicted on the public. I really think that we could do a lot more than build roads with Eur 8bn, in fact it’s probably the last thing we need. It’s amazing where all this money just seems to appear from when a new project comes about. Personally, I stuck in there over the last 24 months of supposed recession never once convinced of the claim (as regular readers of my blog will know) and now tax revenues are exceeding expectations by neraly 100% for the first month of the year, we’re spending Eur 8bn on roads, we’re spending Eur 40M on electronic voting systems that the majority of the public don’t trust. Hey minister give my money back!!! source: Irish Times Article

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