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Doomed I Say!

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Well maybe not so much doomed as loomed. Another story woven to grab the publics attention and what better way than with terror as the theme. Yes whether it be some hard hitting fundamentalist group or space rocks, people will always respond to terror news or news that strikes fear into the hearts of the brave. It appears that we have yet another friendly rock heading our way. Well at least heading close enough to get people interested again in the space monitoring activities of so many organisations that have suffered so much from bad press and a lack of excitement after the moon landing. They call this rock, very interesting title, 2003 QQ47 so it appears that they are using a number base of 18 for asteroid names; well at least they’re future proofing themselves for more asteroids to come. Yes, I’m in cynical mood again today but come on the correlation of rocks recently heading towards earth and the decline in ratings for space watching/exploration is obvious. Oh no, the guys from NASA are here and the NSA, please don’t hit me, nooooooo… source: Sky News