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Report on always on computer users, whose machines may be hijacked by a new trojan that acts as a proxy for distributing advertisements relating to adult sites. Most people should be protected from it with some general security measures. However, more enticing is the story that always-on broadband users are continually subject to attacks from this type of virus. As we move into an era when broadband will soon be available to all, it’s time we started to take computer security much more seriously than before. Just imagine if the trojan in the linked article was used to capture keystrokes at a certain time such as logging in to something remote or local, then it mailed the username, password and IP so some other surfer advertised as a free adult site. If you’re not behind some kind of firewall within two minutes your computer will probably belong to the remote hijacker who has unwittingly logged into your machine or your remote server. Food for though, eh? source: