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Camera Phones

It seems as though the worldwide momentum against the use of camera phones has started to build up. I for one have always disputed the need for a camera in a phone (unless used for video conferencing) but there’s also a more disturbing side to the argument against such devices. People have become so accustomed to the use of mobile phones in their daily lives that they are now mostly unaware that somebody with a camera phone may be taking pictures of them. There is no end to the perverted uses that some individuals could derive from such phones and it seems as though some public places and even countries are taking action against the use of these phones. Short term gain for the phone companies and operators, long term loss if they forgot to include in the usage text that this device should not be used for {x, y, z} bad practices. When dealing with such issues and a society with a greedy “chancer” attitude I hope that the aforementioneds foresight is not as short as the focal length of their camera lenses. Legislate don’t remunerate!! back-up source: